The Smiley Slayer

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thanks to Viktor for the AS.



Fun just plain fun, I didn't play too long, but I liked it while I did. It kept me entertained. Also I wuold like to take this oppurtunity to say THANK YOU for giving us Team Wobble!

Hey there.

It's been a while since I reviewed a flash by you, so I thought i'd do this one. Pretty good, but I like the Team Wobble stuff better.

CrazyChristian responds:

:P kthnx

cool one.... but

it was a cool game, but i think that this one could've used a bit more smileys, different types of smileys, maybe more guns/weapons and more backgrounds. this one would've also had a bigger challenge to it as well if the smileys fought back... that would've made it a bit more interesting.... but overall, it was fun to play, a good time killer and your efforts were nice.

need more imagination

seriously think of someone more imaginative then shooting continous levels of smileys.
mabye a few more smileys, a selection of weapons and a few different scenarios.


The concept of this game is simple - click to shoot smileys that are floating all over the screen. A simple gun shut sound effect is heard with the look of a shot on the smiley that is hit with a slight pause. I would of liked have seen a different variety in the levels. Maybe have different looking smileys coming around - although the variation of the speed was a nice addition. Having something like a point system is a good idea, but maybe in future versions with varying characters and objects could result in different point value.


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1.80 / 5.00

Nov 10, 2006
5:32 PM EST
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