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Mortal Kombat - KAF!

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Mortal Kombat: Kreate A Fatality!
Thanks to everyone who voted this into the MK collection and the NG staff for listing it!

Use lots of different moves to string together FATALITY chains to pummel Sub-Zero - and kill him off in a variety of gruesome and unmerciful ways!

EDIT: Updated 10th March 2007 - Updated interface for main menu, custom mode and movelists, and added tutorials.

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Cold Sword Practice: Leg Freeze, Draw Sword, Vertical Slice, Torso Slice
Magic Trick: Invisibility, Head Rip

Makes the blackhole
1 frozen icycles
2 bones to...your dog?
(horrible joke)

How do i do this. i'm confused

Wheres Brutality?

charizardtube22: what's the secret password.
Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Spacebar.
You can reveal the code be figuring out the inputs for Frozen Mist, Invisibility, Teleport Kick, Shadow Punch, Clone Throw, Throw Sword, Decap, Falling Cloud, and Black Hole.
The question is, was it worth all that guessing? When I first did it, I was about as dissapointed as the people who managed to do a Brutality in MKT and UMK3 probably were.