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Pokemoron Boris 1

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Author Comments

In honor of 10 years of pokemon, I'm gonna make fun of it. Boris needs a place to go clubbing.
CAUTION: Contains Frankie Muniz

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YESSSSSS! this was the SHIT back in the day yo!

I admit I wasn't too impressed by this at first. It's one of your lesser known works. You really are quite popular here. Instead, it was a lot of fun. I love how he just rejects Squirtle. I'd almost forgotten Oddish.

The animation wasn't great, but it was still funny. The best part was easily with the Mr. Mime guy. I mean, that's what you'd expect from a human like pokemon. Again, love how he just beats him up. Boris doesn't care at all.

boris even a squirtle

Couldn't give 5 stars because the animation is, um, rough. It was very funny though, I was surprised. Confusion had me rolling.

oddish's epic solarbeam mixed with the drunk European guy totally makes this worth 5 stars.