Reviews for "Pokemoron Boris 1"

Ha funny

Framkie: My mr mime is going to kivk your ass
him: thats not a pokemon its a European gu

Frankie: Mr mime double slap (Attempts)


so friken hilarious my fav part was when oak shot the guy in the neck with a K.O. dart XD


guy below says it all

Hi I'm Fraky Munez

Lol my favorite part "Mr Mime use double slap" SMAK " Mr Mime use
Barrier" SMak" Mr mime use Confusion" Smak Lol That's a Urapiean dude

charizard Evloves in to oddish

that part when that guy say "charzrg evoled in to oddish righ pok'e dex" then the pok'e dex punches hin lol