Albuquerque: THE MOVIE

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Clear your schedules, because this flash is 11 and a half minutes long. It's of Weird Al's epic song, Albuquerque! Why no one decided to do this song before me I do not know, but it's done now!

I seriously hope you enjoy. A buttload of work went into this.

EDIT: www.wappincomics.com/equation.jpg - It's funny cause it's true.

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I kinda wonder what happened to RWappin after the weird al videos, so I went here


I was reminded of this gem when I heard my bro playing Albuquerque recently. Good flash good song.

Al-be-kju-rkee? Is it said that like?

Good movie though, it was funny. Oh, its Weird Al, what was I expecting?

The most funny part is when Al cut off Marty's arms and legs, that part was pure gold.

This is not a movie

RWappin responds:

This is not a review