Albuquerque: THE MOVIE

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Clear your schedules, because this flash is 11 and a half minutes long. It's of Weird Al's epic song, Albuquerque! Why no one decided to do this song before me I do not know, but it's done now!

I seriously hope you enjoy. A buttload of work went into this.

EDIT: www.wappincomics.com/equation.jpg - It's funny cause it's true.

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Al-be-kju-rkee? Is it said that like?

Good movie though, it was funny. Oh, its Weird Al, what was I expecting?

The most funny part is when Al cut off Marty's arms and legs, that part was pure gold.

You're not a person

RWappin responds:

This is not a review

This animation made me have to download the song and get into weird al.

I am glad that you decided to make this. The simple style of the cartoon definitely adds to the zaniness, and I love that about weird al and this animation.

This is amazing simply because it's great to see how far this song is willing to go. This isn't just Weird Al Yankovic's longest song, it's one of the longest songs I ever heard! You really have no idea what's going on. It's not even really that much of a song. There wasn't much rhyming. Anyone who makes an 11 minute song should be praised.

You are of course the person who did all the animating. This is probably the longest animated music video ever made. The lip synching is great. You have to work with a lot of material in this. I like this character.