Slippery Fish

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made this for school media project. only had a couple of lessons to do it but i like it.

Music by Erasmus



A good and simple game. Good choice of music too. Out of all the ones you made so far I'd have to say this is the worst, but it's still entertaining. Graphics could have been better though, and it would have been nice with a little variation. Keep it up!


Too easy

fun but way too easy. aslo menu page could use a bit more styalising?


Too easy

I was a good concept but the main problem I had was that I didn't miss a single fish. I got bored after a minute in.
Overall: It was too easy


^^Good Points^^
A good concept and idea, but this needs some work. I liked the sound however, it was definitely the best part. The song was looped well and a neat song, and I liked how you used different sound effects when you clicked a fish and click open space. Good idea there.

^^Needs Improving^^
This game is too easy. I played it for about a minute without missing any fish, and this was no great feat. You should add more fish at one time and have the energy go down faster, perhaps. Also, like the last reviewer said, you could add sharks or something that would take away energy. Overall, this just needs to be harder.


The idea is good but it feels rushed. Perhaps using a gun to destroy the fish or adding sharks that decrease your energy. It justs pointless clicking on moving unanimated fish.

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2.60 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2006
6:45 AM EST
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