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Dreams Chapter One

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Author Comments

After many revisions, here is the continuation of the Dreams story. Hope you like it.

This game follows Zeke and Hunk, the Hammerhead Bros. as they go to Clockwork mountain on a job for the Seer.

Thanks for all the fantastic reviews guys! Just so you know, the site I have in the game is no longer my domain name. If you wanna see updates on Chapter Two and other projects, head over to my current site (just click the site button in my profile) and go to the 'news' section!


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Was a fun game for a while

The artwork drew me to this game and the strange unique world and story that you created is what got me hooked. The controls were a bit funky (hence the 4 stars instead of 5), but still playable. So why isnt there a chapter 2? Surely a story this interesting cant be left unfinished.


This game is awesome.Controls could be better but anyways,awesome game.
I will play chapter 2 too!

10/10 5/5

Dreams Review

The first chapter of what was supposed to be a series. It did some justice to the forthcoming continuation to Dreams.

The art was amazing. Zeke and Hunk, they're a great duo. They're brothers, their personality is told throughout, and they're the perfect duo for a game. In a game, there's always a combo of shooting and melee. You performed that well here with these two characters.

The tutorials throughout the game were great and very informative, as tutorials should be. The music was also nice. I don't see a story yet, and I don't know why I'm being attacked by these baddies...

Anyway...it does get boring quickly and the so-very close controls make quickly trying to go to Hunk then to Bombshot a difficult task, indeed. But nonetheless (wait a sec, my shift button just broke) Okay there we go, it's fixed. Anyway, nonetheless, this game was fun. Although! It got quickly boring and now I don't really see a purpose in finishing it.

-Quickly Gets Boring
-Bunched Up Controls
-Awkward Story
+Helpful Tutorials Throughout
+Great Art
+Nice Gameplay
+Not-Too-Annoying Music

With that, I bestow upon this game a 7/10, 4/5. (3 seemed low for what awesomeness this game truly is)


where is chapter 2

LordDF responds:

http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1 250302

Workin on it. Not a direct continuation though.