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Welcome to one of the hardest Games: FACTRASIXX
==Controls: Mouse==
In this game (My 2nd thus far) you have to avoid the particles who fly around on the screen. They get more and more- only if you touch an enemy with your mouse it dissapears, but you lose energy. If you catch the white one, the screen cleares up, but be fast: It only stays on the screen for two seconds.

Have fun with this one! :)
PS: Thanks to Pixel Populace for helping me with this project :)!


I was fairly confused by this. There didn't seem to be anything that indicated how much health I had. I was able to realize how good this game does work, though. I just like how it's so simple. I will probably never figure out the number of hits it takes for me to die. It's most of what you would expect it to be.

I was able to get better in the game. I just thought it could have been a bit more detailed. This game doesn't have to be, but it is a bit too generic. The sounds were pretty good. The audio really wasn't that bad.

Fun stuff.

I enjoyed this game very much. The graphics were good, nice use of colors. The style of this game wasn't too bad either, not very creative in my opinion but that's alright. The music was alright but hard to hear. The game play was really fun at the beginning but it did get pretty boring pretty fast. Nice job on making this game, keep up the great work!

great ;)

good job, niki =)
cool game!
couldnt hear the sound, but its because of my speakers :-/

great game

it's a simple game that anyone can play and is very addictive. keep up the good work.

Pretty good.

I liked it. At first I thought it was easy, and then more of the particles came and I was like oh shit! But, yeah, it was fun. I also liked how you didn't die after hitting just one particle. Good job!

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3.56 / 5.00

Nov 2, 2006
8:40 AM EST
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