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Red Baron

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***Fingers hurt????
google "joy2key" its a Free program that lets you play flash games with your controller!! its the only way I play baron.

Based off of the Red Baron created by Me and my friends "The Carimando Bros" originally for a Shockwave RPG game called "Deim Requiem". Red Baron now stars in his own action beat-em-up game facing against enemies created by the Sprite winners of the "Animation Idol" contest , that was held on Mindchamber some time ago. The Programmer is none other than the newstart prodigy "FrostedMuffins" of newgrounds fame.
you can see all the contestants from the contest here
there are over 14 unique characters many frame by frame, which is why the game is so large.

PS. I'm pretty proud of the third Boss animations, could you at least try to get to him before giving up? lawl

Also for people who are still having a hard time be sure to go over to my buddies blog: http://jakbaronking.newgrounds.com/news/post/473000

jakbaronking is pretty much the best Red Baron player, ever.. and he's great with the tips

PPS: thanks to Jak and Croker for the awesome Baron Tribute: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/471182

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This game is a fucking classic, still amazing to this day. i literally was trying to remember this game but could not for the life of me, so i spent 2 hours searching, 2d action adventure flash games and couldnt find shit. But found this gem on here and the nostalgia came flowing back. So underrated. Seriously, if the team that worked on this game, made a sequel or even just a polished up remake and threw in some additional levels, i would pay good money for this diamond in the rough.

is anyone hungry for pizza. get it,because the red baron has a pizza named after him.

nice when i first time play it when im 4 year old,im stuck at 4th stage with dang boss now i can see the weakness of them already beat them

Blue Baron : use combo to him dont let him attack you

Reaper : just use sword combo when he is stunned by performing, while the Reaper trows you a scythe go use shield and stun him just go combo repeat it all times

Werewolf guy : it will take too long to kill him use War axe to damage him go to corner and wait him and the dogs corner you while using shield dont let the shields broken its important

Big Aliens : the big guy use War axe cause it large damage just 2 hit then shield
Karate Kid Alien : combo him with sword,razor gloves, or scythe,when he jump to your back dont forget to use shields and when he slowing his combo just run and combo him
Like Spider Alien :Kindly worst boss and hardest of all. atack him with War axe 3times,then shield when he trow a bomb just run and repeat

i discover their some glitch in 3 final bosses i corners him in top rigth and combo him he does not attacking me.

thank you thats all i got and sorry for wrong sentence and grammar

it got pretty bored doing the saaaame attacks with the saame two characters, i didnt and wont ever know how long or many fights it would of took to find different characters to fight because it laid on for too long.

sad because i was enjoying the game until i was getting abit tired of repeating it i prefer different things going on a lot sooner lmao

i do however love that you have done it like that to make the game longer etc as not many game makers make their games like this so for a lot of gamers out there, would prefer this kind of patients

love the colours you chose for everything and the music was fab as well goes with the game

12 Years later and it still has the best particles and swordplay in any flash game.