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Ok... this is an extremely short game which Jay Bibby from www.casualgameplay.com asked me to whip up in a week for his website to celebrate this Halloween just past. It's nothing special, VERY vague on story and kind of pointless in hindsight... It's just a cheap and nasty little flash designed in the spirit of halloween. So take it on face value that this was never designed to blow anyone's socks off... I'll leave that up to Exmortis 3 in 2007... ;) Happy Halloween you sicko's!

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Damn. That main character brutally murdered his wife and baby. Now his soul is cursed to be trapped in the room he bricked himself in.

Great game. somehow the face made me laugh since everyone says it made them scream and it made me worried. (i know i'm late to post this)

Very fun

So this was a fun game I like the idea here and really like the element like details in the background elements you made it fun seems like this could have and should have won some type of award it is a high quality of a game and didn't lack much it was fun though

No improvments needed


This was certainly good, but I do have a major complaint. I can't seem to figure out how to change scenes! Anyway, this is still awesome to look at. I loved the atmosphere. I wasn't expecting that zombie to appear in the window. I (as the player) seem to take that very well.

Love the Winnie The Pooh thing. You were a little late for Halloween. I was impressed by how this has such a high rating yet got no awards! It wasn't even on the front page. Good for you, I guess.

Welp. I like the game but it got way way easier after you bet it.It could have been longer which i didn't like. It kinda feels like a demo which is fine if it was. I actually completed the game in less than one minute(excluding the intro). The face at the end keeps making me jump because it's gonna pop up at a random time.Good game though