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Lil'Dracula {old version}

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DEIT 11/4: Better frame rate.
EDIT 11/3: Okay, Quality and Skip Cutscene stuff added. Kudos to Tom Fulp. (And apologies for that Assasinate Tom Fulp picture)
EDIT 11/2: This time I've REALLY fixed it.
EDIT 11/2: Okay, fixed the menu bugs and added the 'Happy Halloween from Newgrounds' thing.

Sorry to the previous 300 who viewed this with the menu bugs.

Now, for more hype.

Animation: More intense than Banana Republic. Honest. Pseudo 3d, too.
Gameplay: Okay physics... Even made meself a dynamic cape!
As you'll probably notice, you can cheat. But do you really want to?!
Humor: You decide.
I'm sorry- There's only one level. I hope the animation and humor makes up for it though. Then I win maybe $2 from the competition and buy some Halloween licorice. Eh.
Arrow keys or WASD work. I'm so thoughtful.
I hope this doesn't fall under one of those new addition things. (No, it's not a screamer. Honest. It's just that it has one level. In that case, it'll probably be more of a movie.)

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My favorite quote... OH CRAP-

Bestestestestestestestestestestestestestestestestestestestestestestestestestestestestest game ever.

Is there a {new version}?

yay! Nutcasenightmare you made another game :D if you havent played :the game: series play them they are awesome just like this, fallow Nutcasenightmare he is awesome like epic awesome!(im really looking forwards for a movie plz make one,Nutcasenightmare plz!!!)


naked dude lol funny

best game ever!

love the game