1D RGB Flipper Puzzle 1.0

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Author Comments

Click a marker to advance that and any adjacent marker(s) to the next colour.

11 levels. To get a perfect score, you should complete them in 1,2,2,3,3,3,4,4,4,4,5 moves each. Very possible if you take the time to visualise the results of clicks and plan out the sequence before beginning.

This is version 1.0. I believe this to be as good as possible for this particular game. Except for maybe adding a volume slider for the bgm.

I love reviews and respond to all!

Stay funky!

Changes from previous version:
- now, the final state might be any colour.
- updated 'level' text (to show total)
- now shows target score
- changed levels around to add in complexity as time goes on, rather than 7 levels of 4 moves.

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Required alot of thought to win this game had the perfect amount of challenge and entertainment music rocked as well


^^Good Points^^
I really like the games you make since they take a lot of thought and mental stress to figure out. Of course since I was lazy when I played I didn't really try to get a low score, but if I were in the mood for a good puzzle I'm sure I would find this game really entertaining. Great music too, got me into a thinking mood!

^^Needs Improving^^
Perhaps on later levels you could add some more bubbles to this for added difficulty, or perhaps more levels in all with random starting colors or something. It would just give the game more replay value.

LuckyLollipopLad responds:

Thanks again for the reviews!

Glad you liked it generally.

I found that with more circles, it wasn't that much more difficult. In fact, it's easier to see where we need to click if it's the same number of clicks needed. And as the 1D format makes it pretty easy to complete, I thought it best to keep the clicks needed low and instead challenge folk to try and attain that score.

All the levels are algorithmically generated. The colour you're trying to reach is random, as is the locations you need to click on.

For the last level, there's 176400 possible levels, I think.

I see that you used my suggestion!

Now I had something to aim for and even got commentary on how I did. I liked that. And the option to turn off the BGM was a nice addition as well. What more can you do to this short of adding more levels? Not much; it's pretty much a done deal. Very polished presentation, and I look forward to seeing what you'll create next.

LuckyLollipopLad responds:


Thanks for that suggestion btw.

I don't think more levels should be added - 11 is a nice number and it's short enough to encourage people to spend a short time pausing, thinking and planning ahead. If it were too long, having to repeat it to get a perfect score would get kinda annoying and fewer would bother, I think.

Now, I'm gonna try and get 20 simple microgames ready for Christmas (the 1d flipper game will be one).

Thanks for the top review.

Stay funky!


I haven't seen games like these in a while. Good to see people bringing up these again. I couldn't get a perfect 35 moves, but I tried anyway. Couldn't bother to beat the whole thing though; it got a little boring halfway.

LuckyLollipopLad responds:

Thanks for the review, though it's a little confusing.

You're glad people are 'bringing up these again' yet you couldn't even bother to finish this once?

Ah well.

Be funky.

Credits & Info

3.97 / 5.00

Nov 1, 2006
10:36 PM EST
Puzzles - Other