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MORC 4 - sidewalk slow

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I've been making a lot of these, as you can see it's number 4... but this is the first one I've put on Newgrounds.
It's basically an infinite random music generator... it relies on samples, cut and / or chosen randomly.

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But this doesn't make the cut as a game. Sure, i understand what it's supposed to be, But all you have in there is three switches that turn music samples on and off. It's rather boring since once you do that there's nothing to it. The buttons haven't got much of a design either, making your presentation graphically unappealing. The buttons should've been bigger and this submission should've been overall more fun.

Add more to it and try resubmitting it again.

phoenixdk responds:

By saying this doesn't cut it as a game, you are also saying that you *don't* understand what it's supposed to be. I hate to sound like an overly defensive ass, but this is NOT A GAME. It does not have goals you can achieve, nor does it present any sort of challenge. NOT a game.
It's a song, somewhat randomly generated, and infinite in duration. I made it like this because the traditional compact disc form of presenting music doesn't allow for infinite songs.
I would argue that songs aren't necessarily made to be "fun", but a different kind of enjoyment. Would you describe an album as "fun", and does an album have to be fun to be good? I suppose all of this should have been made clearer in the description.

what is this supposed to be

firts of all there was barely any animation in this although i did like the picture and the audio didnt work all i could hear was the guitar
you should at least ad more samples and other stuff

phoenixdk responds:

Firts of all, it's a song, not an animation. So yes, there was barely any animation, exactly how I wanted it to be.

And the sound works fine for me..? I could put in more samples / other instruments, but I prefer it like this.


not half bad but you could do better

phoenixdk responds:

Elaborate then!


I loved the tree and the leaves slowly wilt off the branches of the tree and the guitar. Also the choise to turn off or on the glitch guitar and solo. good job.

phoenixdk responds:

Actually, I'm releasing an "album" of these, obviously in the traditional compact disc sense... In that context I'm going to go without the on / off buttons on nearly all of the tracks, including this one. I just included it here for the curious listener who might want to listen to the little pieces that make up the grand whole...
Well, I'm glad you liked it!


That was really interesting. I rather liked it.

phoenixdk responds:

And I'm glad you did.

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3.67 / 5.00

Nov 1, 2006
7:21 PM EST