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I have come up with more questions, more photos more animation and an anticheat device. I listened to your complaints about going back to the beginning, so there are three levels in this one. Collection! Yay! Thanks to all those who support the DS submissions.
Update Dec- Hyperlink -Thanks Bezman
Update Feb 07- Music off-Thanks Versucha
Update Sept 08- new naration

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Hmmm... Quizzes

I was really impressed with the intro. Nice quality graphics wise and a decent level of detail. It would be nice if you could skip it as you have to sit through it each time during replay.

+ The quiz is certainly educational.

+The inbetween-levels animation was also rewarding. Though, It would be nice if there was more of a reward to get to the next page. Perhaps you could make a basic counter system to grade accuracy or even longest chain of correct answers. This would really help connecting the questions as a single solid game.

+The buttons worked properly, were made well, and had a nice theme. It would be nice if the zone behind the text was also part of the button.

+The pictures were also used appropriately and didn't take away from the animation as a whole, which is hard to do with linear fills. I suggest you also try adding something more to the background during the test than just the linear fills as they came off as a bit drab.

This is still a respectable quiz. Really nice work on the intro--if you made that into a preloader--it'd make this animation spectacular.

IceDragon64 responds:

1. I will do the skip intro button next time I review it (I review all my work periodically)
2. I'm glad you liked the transition animations, I will do them in all quizzes now.
3. Bezman has persuaded me I must add a counter system to my quizzes. I will consult Spirit Codester.
4. DS Xmas Quiz has hit area behind text and the rest will be added.
5. You are not alone in asking for bgd pics- I took that step in Xmas Quiz, successfully. i will think about it
6. I don't know about changing it into the preloader- maybe I will consult the Dragons & Spirits.
Most kind of you to review me in such detail. I love making these- each one has new ideas. I need to fix sound glitches in all my work though- its holding me back.
More to come later this year. Best Wishes,

Ahh, still going with educational flashes i see =P

been awhile man, i retired from flash making -.- too lazy and too much homework, i had an idea for halloween education, but i thiink u did this better than what i would've done XD the beginning voice was really hallow and hard to hear, i also see u learned how people can use right click and play =P good job on this flash though

IceDragon64 responds:

Yeah, sorry about the sound. I will improve it. Got a glitch. I am working on a Christmas Quiz and co-authoring an Oral Hygiene Quiz. Look forward to seeing you again on NG!

another great game from ice

i liked but the answer to the samhain question was a little insulting to me as a pagan(there weren't any sacrifices lol). anywho, moving on keep up the good work.

IceDragon64 responds:

Thank you for your generous review. I have now studied various diffent references and I will amend the wording of this answer. I think it likely that the celts did sacrifice things as part of the their religion (although I never said anything about human sacrifice), but I agree that it is not known that the bone fires of Samhain were anything to do with sacrifice. I will indeed keep working. Lots more on the way.

pretty cool...

but you could have improved the illistrations a bit, I would like a copy to tamper with myself, but I can't code worth a toadstool.
needs a little more action, I like I like it overall.

IceDragon64 responds:

If you care to tell me exactly what you had in mind I would be happy to consider making the changes and credit you if they are significant. I am unlikely to hand over a submission to someone else though and I would need permission from the dragons since this is an official Dragon sub, with our logo.
PM me. Ice

No. Just no.

Halloween does NOT have an apostrophe. the actual term was "All Hallow's Eve". It was started as a purtian tradition to dress up as "scray demons" to scare away the real ones and to give good luck in the up coming year. I don't quite know how the whole candy thing developed, but probably as some sort of reward for having a bad ass costume. I got through two questions and then I realized this was a shitty quiz with horrible questions. You ruin Halloween for everyone. Don't make quizzes unless you can graphicly support them and have questions that people care about (which is actually very hard).

P.S. Learn to fucking animate. Movies > Shitty Quizzes. It actually takes Talent to make a movie.

IceDragon64 responds:

1. Oxford English Dictionary- Hallowe'en.
2. Encyclopedia Brittanica- "It long predates Christianity".
3. What is the provenance of your theory about puritans? As I understand it the puritans suppressed the pagan customs of Samhain.
3. If you did the whole quiz and read the notes carefully, you would know more about how the 'candy thing' developed.
4. I don't see how the quiz can 'ruin Hallowe'en for everyone'- it got through judgement at 3/5.
5. I now have three quizzes through judgement and people PMing me to ask for more. My intro alone represents more graphics than most quizzes on NG.
6. Keep your foul language to yourself.
7. I make movies as well-I have 2 to my name, and two on the way. I have a B+ batting average, so I feel confident that I CAN animate and judging by the scores, the quizzes are considered as good as the movies.

I am sorry this was not to your taste, but may I suggest you might be more polite in future. Quizzes may not take much technique, but they take hours of research, programming and editing to get right.
Best Wishes,

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3.76 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2006
2:45 PM EST
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