Smart bomb

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Author Comments

If you find the game too easy and slow, go to settings and change the difficulty to Hard...

Left and Right arrow keys- turn the turret and missile.
Spacebar- Launch a missile.
Blow up enemy targets by shooting and controlling a smart bomb. Enjoy.

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oh wow the menu really isn't copying halo ¬¬

Nice concept

It was not bad, but it needs a little bit of work.

1.) The graphics definitely need some tweaking. It's not the quality that got me, it's the fact that the background and the foreground can blend together, making it hard to discern what is a solid wall and something you can fly over.

2.) The controls were a little sloppy, making response time difficult.

3.) It's a bit of a system hog. I find that surprising given the simplicity of it. I'm not sure why this game is demanding so many system resources.

However, please don't take these points to say that it was a bad game. It just needs a little tweaking to perfect it.


Could be longer, and needs a tuning graphics-wise, but otherwise superb!

this was a cool game but could be better

this is a cool game but kinda hard and confusing

Fun, kinda original game ...

... only 9 because the graphycs sucked.

Credits & Info

3.80 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2006
12:49 PM EST
Action - Other