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Pumpkin Carving Hour

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Well, this turned out to be a lot better than I had originally anticipated... Please understand that some technical issues arose which resulted in me having to almost restart the project from scratch very close to my planned deadline (one night later).

In this game, you must go through 10 levels of pumpkin slicing, you're timed out of 100 ticks, cutting chunks out of the pumpkin will also decrease your time, as will throwing the knife at it or stabbing it with nails.

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This is freaking awesome creepy too the surprise was disgusting!!!!!!
Loved it

hey minicrush do you want to be my friend

this game is FUKINGasome


lol i thought that the suprise part was gonna be a screamer so i kinda hesitate ta do
it....IS the a screamer at the end?!?!?i hate screamers...so murch

Jindo responds:

Nah no screamers, I hate them too ;D.

Thanks for playing ^_^.

It only went to level 9, then something glitched..

I put the 3 teeth in as it said I should, then some weird arrow went up and down to the right of the screen, but the text told me to put the 3 teeth in which I already had done and nothing I did made something happen with the arrow. Is that a glitch? Because it did't tell me what to do or anything.

Jindo responds:

Ah yeah I must've missed that D:

You need to press space at that part, it should say something like "Press Space to throw a knife at the pumpkin".

great item Jindo

a nice peice. halloween style... nice music... good working...
ok. ill get straight down. a nice styled game. very good for flash. nice infact.
i gave this a 4/5! here is why...
mark 1: perfect for halloween. a pumpkin carving game. very nice. similar to your santa's rubix game :P and not too shabbily drawn :)
mark 2: nicely styled. good graphics. the background was nice. overall you made all the features compliment themselves :P
mark 3: perfect music for the flash. it works well...
mark 4: considering you rushed it is well done. positive reviews all round and i believe it is good myself. a scoreboard and nice overall.
ok... adding more pumpkins would be nice with more levels? a challenge mode perhaps with challenges with a set time?
the comment line was a bit hard to see... perhaps putting it in bold? that would be much better.
final improvement of my suggestion... ... ... SFX... making a noice when you hit the pumpkin? when u cut things up? i understand that was not of strict importance as u wer rushing but u can add it in another time.
great work again Jindo!!
iwannacookie ;)

Jindo responds:

Thanks for the review!

I'm not too much of a fan of SFX, none of my games have any (but there is one that might end up with some in it this year :)).

A challenge mode was on my todo's, but yeah, I had 1 week to make a halloween game, and then it corrupt and I had to register a decompiler just to get it back, but if this didn't happen I may have had time :P.

There wasn't much wrong with this, except the fact that I rushed, maybe I'll do better next time xD.

Thanks again, for the review, Happy New Year (guess when I finally responded =P).

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3.92 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2006
4:03 AM EDT