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Enjoy. Very dark, sad, and moderately evil.

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OK music

But not, IMO particularly dark etc. It might be better if the whole thing was slowed a little.

I like

the tue sounds a bit like the tune you hear in the game ff7 when your in an area sethiroth is in

Nice :)

This song fits a morbid Halloween perfectly
Great job

im sorry

im not a good reviewer from an artistic point, technically a piano riff going from delay, rotating point, distortion, tremolo or whatever isnt high quality to me

rotating point source

is that it

PERVOK responds:

What the?

Originality: 5? I'm sure that this isn't an unoriginal track.

This is also very clear and high quality. 6 for clarity is bull.

I can understand the diversity rating cause its a loop.

And the 5 for effort? Just cause its a loop doesn't mean that I didn't put any effort in it.

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