Demonic Touch and Go!

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Survive as long as you can in this "Yoshi: Touch and Go" style game for the chance to WIN A PRIZE on Halloween night!
Infinite randomly generated level means it lasts as long as you can! Reccommended Specs: 2.0ghz cpu with Flash Player 8



i like it, but, as a lot of ppl have mentioned...it got boring after a while.

This is VERY familiar..

There was a game submitted on NG using that same BLACK LINE for a place to walk... Otherwise this was really repetitive and a bit boring

Great game, but...

I read about the Halloween contest on Armor Games and I remember it saying that you can't do a parody of Nintendo.

The-EXP responds:

nothing to do with nintendo, jut a atyle to include two sections on screen at once. anyway thansk for enjoying the game

Simple yet challenging and fun.

This reminds me of Okami and that other game on Newgrounds with the Russell Terrier. I like both of those games, and I like this one, too. My only criticism is that I wish there was a way to erase unwanted drawings.

The-EXP responds:

hooray, now you can! just for you, i added an option of pressing spacebar to erase all drawing. Now can you vote 5 each and everyday now that its perfect for you? :p

The Irony...

...of me playing this game is so immense, you couldn't even imagine.
It amused me, and it made me do a little "WOOT" to myself.
I love the way you have the DS style of game. Hope to see more stuff like that.
It'd be awesome if you had some keys to go with it, like you could jump or something.
But, I'm only #58. I will soon be victorious...muwahaha...that book, it shall be mine.

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3.83 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2006
7:30 PM EDT
Skill - Other