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Here is a fun Halloween Game, using the same concept as the famous 'Pacman', I came up with this just a few days ago, and I am glad I got it finished.

Enjoy and have fun!


It was alright..

I mean we have all played many pac man games and at least this one is more original with more room to move around and different charecters. The only thing that bugged me where the invisible walls in the third level wich also made it very hard too collect the candy. All in all good fun game, keep it up.

Claytron responds:

Yeah, I made them invisible to make the last level harder, I am glad you liked the game, thanks!


the game was really good i like the originality:)
i love pacman games 10/10

Claytron responds:

Heh thanks for the review!

Good Game

I liked this game, it had the old fashioned Pacman feel to it, the only problem I had with it was that I couldn't tell when the cake wore off.

Claytron responds:

Yeah, I would have made it more visible when the cake wore off if I had more time, but anyway, it adds to the difficulty!

Thanks for liking the game!

((VOTED 5))

A great halloween themed pacman. Definantly had some good graphics. And definantly diferent from the original pacman. But there were some bad things. Like how whne he turned it looked weird upside down. Also it would be so much better if there was some AI because they would just move around mindlessly.

EXTRA COMMENTS: YAY the original pacman toon


Claytron responds:

Heh yeah, If I had a little more time, I would have added some perspective when going up and down, Thanks :D.

A good Pacman for halloween

Thank you for not doing the same level "walls" like in most games. Loved the little pumpkin dude, but were did the cake come from? (Not intented to be mean there) All in all, that Flash was crunk, fo shizzle!

Claytron responds:

Haha well, I just drew a cake for some reason, and I liked how I drew it, so I thought I might aswell put it in there. Thanks for liking the game!

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3.28 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2006
7:39 AM EDT
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