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Avian Wars

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Author Comments

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It is the year 2071. Advanced fighter jets are developed. War is taken to the skies, against the AI enemies.

Avian Wars is a game made by me and another 3 of my friends (without NG account). It went on for around half a year in the making.

Click [Read More] for tips (FAQ):

o [Where are some weapons?] You may see some weapons that are not available for use, like the multi-rockets and the ultimate Nova Laser. It's because you need to unlock those from the Campaign Game

o [The Smoke Screen thing is not useful at all... why?] Yea, it is to attack enemy planes behind you, so that their aiming screws up. It's hard though, the reason of it's existence is actually for the enemy planes to screw up YOUR aiming, so if you don't like it, don't use it... I know I wouldn't.

o [How can I survive enemy planes behind me?] You've gotta keep an eye on every enemy plane. When they go behind you, you've got to start dodging by predicting their shots even before they shoot. Another way is to turbo thrust [Press UP] and they will try to catch up, and then slow down. They will overshoot and then you will be behind them.

o [How come the plane movements are too slow / My plane explodes so fast / The ammo runs out so fast?] You've got to choose the right plane+weapon combinations. Check the plane info. Their stats are there. In the campaign, you don't get to choose but the odds would not be SUPER against you as the whole game has been tested and it's beatable by average guys...

Final note
Thanks for all the support. Thanks to liljim, Tom Fulp and Wade Fulp for the NG frontpage (this should be my sixth frontpage)
1. Sabermania
2. AG Snowball
3. Finalslam
4. AG Collection
5. Alien Galaxion X
---6. Avian Wars---

Thanks to ArmorGames for the sponsorship.

And thanks to YOU GUYS for the 5 VOTES! If this keeps up, I promise you guys you will continue to get great games from Tamugaia.com

Before Reviewing
1. Be sure to check all the stuff mentioned above so you can avoid nooby ignorance reviews. : )

2. Don't ask a question in your review; not because I don't like it, it's because I probably might not see it. Email me directly. If you are too lazy to go to your inbox, from my site Tamugaia.com click the "Message Me" link on the right to send the email there.

3. But you can still review, I welcome all, just that if you wanna ask me something, don't put it there...

~Josh Tam & the Starline Boreallis crew

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Cool, I've never played a vertically scrolling dogfight game before. Great presentation, graphics, and music. Good choice of game types as well, Campaign, Arcade, One-On-One, even a custom mode. Good Game.

Awesome game, fucking catchy, nice weapons, planes and nice story but there one major flaw that reduce 50% of the fun: fucking glitches. I just wanna know if U could fix it. It's happens like that. On Arcade mode, there's 3 planes in the screen but in the lower part (Enemies Left) there's 4 and I kill all the 3 but they keep showing (1 Enemy Left) and the game don't advance and I become the only jet in the screen, I see myself forced to quit, losing my score. Actually, it's not only on 4-3, also can be 2-1, 5-4. (Always one more than they really are). And some other times is the reverse 3-4, 2-3, but as they're reverse, there's 2 enemy jet and the the "Enemy Left" shown only 1. I kill one, the other vanish and the next phase start suddently. Fix the glitches plz!

josh-tamugaia responds:

Thanks for your comment. But fixing the glitches ain't probable. I lost the original source files. The game was made so long ago... but I do have plans for a sequel, or at least a similar dogfight style game. I will remember your glitch report. I'm quite puzzled as well. The said glitch never happened during the testing phase of the game development. Strange... Thanks for your support BTW. Good to know they're still people playing my old games.

great game:)

I admit that I don't know why the word "avian" was used here. I'm fairly certain that means bird and not flying. Well, I guess I'm getting too technical. What I did not understand was how I was tracking these guys down. They seemed to just go in the same way to one side. I did think the designs were pretty good.

Again, it's been awhile since someone reviewed this. I'm always eager to unearth new stuff. I think the dialogue goes on a bit too long, though. It's still pretty well done. There should be more design in the enemies.

Be ashamed of yourself

How do the words Top Gun sound???
Much like something you RIPPED THIS GAME OFF!
are you really that cheap?
(4 stars for actually being a not-bad game)

josh-tamugaia responds:

Thanks for the helpful comment!

Credits & Info

4.12 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2006
9:19 PM EDT