Broken Saints Chapter 4

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In this chapter, Kamimura (the Japanese Shino priest) meditates in the countryside and has a horrible vision of a dark and twisted city in the West...and an evil force that could destroy the entire world. His vision is the key to the mystery of the Saints.



that was weird, if u want people 2 watch these more, u got 2 amke it more interesting

~_~ <Don't know, don't know...)

Interesting movie, but very confusing... I think they put too much "PHILOSOPHY" for my taste... and so for the last and coming chapters... is it really necessary to overcharge the story with theese details?
-_° <Hmmm don't know, really don' t know...)
°~° <Confusing confuzius)
x_x <WTF?)

Good Stuff

This is a good piece. I failed to locate chapter 3 so I hope I have not missed out by skipping to 4.

The transition between scenes is smooth (like water) which makes everything flow together quite nicely. Choreography and music is exceptional. On the other hand, again, no dialogue.

At face value, I feel that this piece is very philosophically natured and attempts to make the viewer look deep into their own faith in order to discern if they are rightous in their beliefs.

I like the "deepness" that this piece attempts to place the mindset of the viewer.

Thanks again for the fun!

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Best one yet?

I've (obviously if anyone has followed the reviews) been watching them chronologically, and I think so far this one is my fav. The graphics really work well here - this whole series seems better at the sort of manga, asian style, than say BS: Versus' Middle Eastern style. The story line is finally starting to come around, it's quite entertaining. Have I mentioned how long these things are? But it's a good thing. Music, once again, top knotch.

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Nice work!

I liked it! it was really kinda nice!
The story is too too sophisticated for my liking, but It adds to the fun of it all I guess.
It was a great movie nevertheless, so good job on that! I liked it I guess! Nice work!

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Oct 11, 2001
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