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Hope you all enjoy the game.

Since I am not that great at 3D modeling on the computer, I decided to do a majority of the artwork in clay. I would have done alot more, but didn't have much time before the deadline.

Would love to hear your feedback. I intend to make some more claymation games soon.


Pretty Cool

I would suggest giving the player more control or making the game a bit more fast paced. I liek the style of Clay alot but I found that I was waiting for the arrow to come around to hit the targets (I hope the slowness isn't jsut due to my slow computer =/ ). The effects of smoke and rain was very cool.
Pretty good job.

I added this to my Favourites

I like it that you used clay
and it is simple but your style is good

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I low scored this, but it hurt to do so.

Okay, this game felt like a really old school coin arcade game, one with only moving parts. If it had been a game like that, I could easily see myself burning hours at it. However, it was a Flash game, and I found it lacking.

The turning arrow, as opposed to say an aimable one or a first person approach, made for very limited interactivity. The limited rate of fire and ~8 possible firing angles made it way too limited.

I commend you on attempting claymation rather than bad Flash art. Your clay work looks like mine did 2 years ago. The bad news is that I sucked 2 years ago. If you continue to use this method, and I hope you do, go to a real art supply store and get some good modeling clay and about $20 worth of finishing tools. And don't be afraid to make your sculptures bigger, you don't have any scale to judge them against right now, and bigger means that your mistakes look smaller.

All in all, a game that showed potential, but nonetheless sucked.

sweet game

ya it was fun it needs work but it was fun

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3.45 / 5.00

Oct 22, 2006
11:25 PM EDT
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