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Night of a Billion Zombie

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Author Comments

Rolf foolishly answers the door to a heaving zombie and deduces that he'll have to shoot his way out, albiet with a peanut launcher.
Youve gotta play this game for about a miniute before you get grenades and see all the other stuff its got to offer, so please give it a chance.

This is an update, some pretty cool changes made, got a high score submission thing now, i hope you all have a play with it, thank my mate markus for that, check out his site if youve got some time to spare.

And enjoy!

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i dont know how people dont like this game. this is a very good defese game


why did everybody else put 10's? the only thing i liked was the intro the dam gun was to slow so i only killed like 5 before dieing.Also you had a certain amount of times u could shoot? Next time try and do more stuff instead of a monkey running around with a bb gun shooting people with skull masks on.

Bi-Polar-Bear responds:

um, bullets are infinite. The only reason your gun was firing slow was because you were letting your heat get out of hand, thats what the games about.

You also get more weapons if you survive more than 5 seconds. Being bad at the game is no reason to give a poor review or vote low.

Please learn to play before reviewing or voting zero.

playing this game turned me into a zombie

christ is everyone dead this game sucks the bullets were to slow charles darwins wet dream is the savior in this game I usually like armor games

feature note like life when you get married hopeless

Bi-Polar-Bear responds:

Abusivness aside, your comment makes no gramatical sense and I honestly can't make heads or tails of it.

I loved it!

I thought the intro was cool and the music was RETRO!(my favorite word!).

The only thing I should say is that the bullets need to go faster. Apart from that, it is the perfect game!

Loved it!

I loved the intro movie, The music was fantastic, and the main character was a monkey, it was perfect, Monkey-licious one might say, 5/5!