Hello Halloween

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*It's exactly one year since Mouse Avoider 2, my first real game, was released :D*

*Another Note* You can right click to mute/unmute the music, as well as change quality.

Hello everyone!
I'm kinda stressed right now, it's late and im tired :), but I finally made my entry for the Armorgames Halloween competition. It's not a biggie, just a quick something I made
I got another game coming up, probably within a few days even, so keep a lookout for it in the portal :D
Have fun, and happy Halloween! =)

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I don't quite understand how a ghost can die. Maybe the spikes are magic or something? I thought the graphics were pretty good. I do think there should have been some more detail and color. While you could have probably guessed this, I like platformers the most. I like how it's easy to understand.

For the most part, the levels are quite creative. The spikes look more and more like teeth. Happy Halloween! Good thing I'm reviewing these October games at this time. It has a nice layout. While not great, still playable.

good game

but it was too basic and easy

WOW, but...

I would finish the game, but I got a cool bug... Where is my little guy?
http://img132.imageshack.us/my.php?im age=picture6hh3.png

Hi im a big fan of claxor

Ive tried all your games and completed t hem and i thought hey were phenomenal, you take another step into the portal and come back full of top reviews i cant wait for your next game!!!
When will it be here?

:> :) :p :'> :,> :,) :') :] :,] :'] :} :'} :,} these are all the SMILEYS ( not FROWNIES) I know. If u have one please reply.

Haha awesome!

That was great, you've managed to make yet another simple game and presented it well enough to score good in the portal :).

This music got a bit annoying and repetetive after a while, but it still suited the game.

The graphics were very basic and simple, they seemed to be effective once again :P.

Overall, another awesome game by you, glad you're submitting stuff again and hope to see more from you :)!

Claxor responds:

Thanks for the kind words :)
Oh, and you should check out my latest game in the portal :D (you know what it is :P)

Credits & Info

4.01 / 5.00

Oct 22, 2006
4:50 PM EDT
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