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Angel Bothorius

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One day a very unfortunate angel fell through a hole in a cloud and lost all his feathers. He landed in a place, far far away from home - an abandoned, wooden skyland. He had to get back to his home - heaven. He had the courage and perseverance but lacked the only thing that could take him back - his precious wings. Help Angel Bothorius collect feathers, and other shiny objects, scattered through the cloudy, splintered wonderland so he can go back to the place he belongs - heaven.

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Jumping and jumping and jumping. The pacing of the game is really slow. The music is also very tedious.

Just jumping without fighting is boring. Also this game has poor collision detection and a lot of game breaking bugs that force you start all over.

Bad graphics and glitchy

I didn't like the graphics and I kept jumping on a platform and I would fall through it! I was also annoyed that whenever it was gamover it seriously meant game over and you had to start from the very freakin' beginning!


I hate it ugly game


decent graphics but the controls are really slippery and certain platforms that look like they can be stood on, you just fall right through.