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Chao Maker

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EDIT: Fixed the shape-to-preloader bug
Just something short I made, because I've been playing Sonic Adventure 2 a lot lately. To play just click the words to change it. I put as much Chao stuff as I could think of into it but I'll gladly take ideas. Also, I know it resets the colour when you change the shape but i can't stop that.

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Name: wacky sticks
Hat: none
Shape: sonic
Animal 1: tiger
Eyes: Tired
Animal 2: none
Mouth: grin
Animal 3: tiger
Ball: Red
Color: Power
Animal 4: tiger
Wings: Red

aw so cute~

animal 1-dragon
animal 2-phoenix
animal 3- tiger
animal 4-tiger

Name: Kiki
Colour: Hero
Shape: Hero
Eyes: Normal
Mouth: Happy
Ball: Halo 1
Wings: NiGHTS
Hat: None
Animal 1: Tiger
Animal 2: Parrot
Animal 3: None
Animal 4: None
Backround: Chao Garden

Color: Gold
Shape: Hero
Eyes: Happy
Mouth: Happy
Ball: Flame
Wings: Phoenix
Hat: None
Animal 1: None
Animal 2: Phoenix
Animal 3: None
Animal 4: None
Background: Hero Garden
Owner's Name: Loaner the Rabbit
Chao's Name: Fidget