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The Universe Tree

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Author Comments

This is A JOURNEY INTO A BLACK HOLE MODIFIED!!!! so if you watch the first 10 seconds and tell me ive just reposted it - you're wrong. its a completly new ending (thats about 30-40 extra seconds) and alot more animation.
**note: it isnt over when the song says 'so this is goodbye' and we leave the earth- cus some ppl stop watching cus they think its over at that point.



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yah it did

it did make me wonder... wonder where this thing is headed ... up a tree? Eh? I liked the crawl up into the cosmos .... but here is where it should get interesting ... but it kinda slows down ... couldn't we see a shot of the earth from above as we move out ... how about you think about this ... Earth is at just the right distance from the sun, not too hot, not too cold. The area around a sun known as the terrestial zone. If there is a life on other planets it will be on a planet orbitting within the Terrestrial zone of a sun like our own. But within the galaxy, stars like our own can only be found in certain places... just as within a star system, there is a just-right zone around the galaxy where a star like ours could exist and support life.... and on the surface of the planet ... there is a ring, the temperate zone, where it's not too hot and not cold. That is where life grows plentiful. Here's the thing to ponder ... on earth life grows outside the temperate zone, it grows everywhere, from Antarctica to the dessert ... from the microscopic to the cosmic ... life lives everywhere ... on other planets? YES

Guess you've never seen the end of MIB or MIB2...

Well, I only recented aquired some sort of graphical skills in flash myself, so I can't really insult this, but... What's a nice way of saying "some of the worst graphics I've seen"? Normally, this wouldn't effect the score much, but unfortunately, this movie's kind of based off of the images in it, apart from the ending - but the "simple" drawing style didn't exactly help to inspire awe... (Sorry)

>All the 0s are just inapplicable categories.
>Sound is 6 because I like the song, but it's the ONLY sound in the movie to judge.
>Style is 8 because I like the ending; I've thought of that kind of thing myself.
>Graphics is 2 because... Well... Sorry. :(

Also, the panning into space took way too long, especially with those weird lines between the shades of blue - psychodelic (Hint: delete the lines after making the fill colour for something like that!).

>Overall score is only a 3 because the semi-original ending didn't really make up for the graphics and absence of plot. The only thing that happens is the ending. Now, I'm not looking for action, but absence-of-action and absence-of-anything-happening just isn't good without graphics to back it up.

Sorry for my long insulting review. I didn't hate it. Just think graphics would have changed everything (most people don't seem to care though, so good)

wow i dont know what to say

that was realy good it made me think and wonder i dont know what it made me think about but it made my wonderi think this is good enough to be on the front page nice work.oh and nice song too


I really liked it, I love how you started low and worked your way up, things building upon other things. Myself being a biology major it kinda cool to see things like this.

Now this I liked.

This is the second intellectual film I've watched today, and it's the second one I've liked. Although the outer space images were a bit roughly edited, I enjoyed the idea of the entire universe being fruit a tree, it's like everything is still growing and there's still things to discover. I strongly suggest you watch this, people.

Credits & Info

4.37 / 5.00

Oct 10, 2001
4:52 PM EDT