Odd One Out

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*EDIT* Once a New Game Starts, The Music Starts All Over Again, Instead of A Continous Jumble of Non-Scence =)

Hello Folks,
Finnaly!! Odd One Out Is Complete!!! The Goal is to Find the Odd Bear In the Group of bears. each Bear you click that was NOT odd, Will Deduct 50 points off your score.
Thank You to Hardibal For making the Source File =)



Fun Game!

Nice music, nice game ... but VERY hard.
It could be better! But it's nice!

cool one

that was a cute, fun, yet simple game. finding the different bear was pretty simple in most cases, though there was a few that could throw you off.
overall, it was a pretty fun game... though a bit east for me.


Sorry man, but submitting some1 elses work is really lame...You did use his source file (and you even admit that!) and you didnt change it AT ALL! You just put some crappy music in the background and thats it! At least put a link to creators site or things like that! And eventhough you are GOING to make a challenge mode and bla bla bla bla...It doest matter! You should at least change the graphics but still...
Dont submit some1 esles hard work and get all credit...

>>For the ppl who dont know what im talking about, read the review below<<

Great to see my work under an other name

Well, it's a good game as I made it (except music). The source of the game is open (can be downloaded for free from my site (milliondollarcomicspage dot com/girldesign/ ) but I stated there if somebody uses it he/she should state where the graphics and scripts are from. You just took out my links and put some music into the game. Please put the links back into the game and it's all ok.

Elegance responds:

Yes, Your right. you did make the source, But im not done with the game, there will be an endurance mode and a challenge mode, plus a feature that lets u change the music, i will state that u made the source file though

All the things that make a great web game.

Simple. Challenging. All-Ages. Frustrating. Good for wasting time. Fun.

My eyes hurt now. I'm gonna kill the next teddy bear I see. Stupid bow-tie-wearing, glass-eyed bastards.

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3.40 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2006
10:21 PM EDT
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