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Halloween Sprash

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Hey guys,
This is my first submission on Newgrounds, I hope you like it.
This game, Halloween Sprash, is one of my many little puzzle game ideas and I think it's fun.
It's a new concept so I understand if you don't get it quickly. Give it a shot and once you get it, the game becomes very easy. I recommend reading the text at the bottom when you move your mouse over an object on the screen.

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That`s All??`

That`s All And I Have To Say, Great Spooky Game Yer Got, It`s Great

bvela responds:


((( FUN GAME )))

This was a fun game, kinda reminded me of tetris, except with dark theme to it, i would have liked to see a more larger screen, and some sleeker looki to it aswell, but for the mostpart it was neat and fun...

Needs a larger screen, and more icons...

fun game abit like tetris...


bvela responds:

I know what you mean about needing a sleeker look.


This had the attribute all good games must have. Addictiveness :) Very entertaining. I enjoyed it. Thank you!

bvela responds:

Addictiveness--I take that as a great compliment, so thank YOU.

Good Game!

I enjoyed it!

Where did you get the name from?

bvela responds:

The name comes from the word "Splash". Splash, because the original idea was of a person 'splashing' different colored paints on a canvas. I put the R in the word because it sounded more playful. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Nice original twist on a classic puzzle concept

I was gonna ask if Armor had gotten back to you yet. I see it's been reskinned as a halloween game. At any rate, there's not much I can say that I didn't say in person, so congrats on a fun game and your first sponsorship.

bvela responds:

Thank you once again for showing me the light. :)