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A game I started a while ago, then me and Gary finished it off recently. Hope you enjoy it :)

Get your player to the end of the levels, arrow keys to move, and mouse to rotate your guy to get past challenges that would normally be impassible.

Note: to get past the red start walk upside down, since people were having trouble figuring that out. Remember, think!

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Its loading be patient and play with your string



I'm usually a fan of your games, but this game is so ****ing infuriating, especially because you restart the whole game if you screw up. The 3rd level is nearly impossible because of a glitch: If your character is standing upside down and you jump, you stop and "hit your head" as if you were standing upright, but you're not! Also, although the concept is original, the twist to the game wasn't incorporated well enough into the overall game scheme.

hahaha easy for lvl 1 2 3 but hard for the rest

>:( why didnt u make it load longer i was having fun playing with my piece of string XD

i love that piece of string man its awesome

the 3rd lvl is impossible

u cant jump past the 2nd ball unless ur on the top 1 and he doesnt jump that high

Pretty good game

I *love* the idea, and it was well done, too. Only, some parts were pretty tricky/impossible.