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This was featured on the front page of eBaumsWorld on 10/09/06

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Fun game and entertaining

So first off this one needed some "SOUND" and more "SOUND/FX" could have used some of that and more of that, there was alot of "EFFORT" put into this with like the symbols, and stuff and there was alot of them wich kinda made this fun aswell. This was almost like a memerize type of game, it has some fun gameplay, so was not that hard, but does take some getting use too, so for the mostpart it is pretty good and most of all entertaining, so good job on presenting a fun filled and entertainig game. hope to see more of your work real soon, i was impressed with what you came up with, even though it could use abit more it was pretty good on what you presented.

As for making this game better, i think you should start off with some more and better sound and even some sound/fx, everything else seemed to have good effort.

Hey, not bad

If this had any flaws, it would be that it lacked sound and I really look for that in things submitted here. I am glad this got popular on another website which is also what attracted me to this game here in the first place. I liked how there were a lot of symbols used. It was pretty easy to figure out the gameplay even though it was not easy to understand at first. This reminds me of something I read in a book where you had to memorize things although it was harder. I am not quite sure what part of your brain this tests, but it is nice for a puzzle game and hey, you have 1,234 views now!


Rather original in your approach to a memory game.

The only thing was that there's not much to it, it just seemed a little empty, some music would help a lot.

Good game though :)

a good game...

I hate eBaums world. com, and it shouldn't be supported.

But I will admit this is a good, and original game. But still, don't support Eric Bauman, he's an @$$hole.


that was a pretty fun game... could've had some audio though, but it was a lot of fun to play, both the color and non-color options, and this one is quite addicting as well... it'll keep you playing for quite a while.

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3.82 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2006
7:15 PM EDT
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