The ultimate horror quiz

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flash 8 player needed.
Well, I was bored one day so I made this. Just decided to submit it now. Yeah, you kinda can say this is for halloween. :D

Hope you like it.
If you get an answer wrong, there is a screamer so be careful! :S

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why jumpscare when i guess wrong?:/

Decent horror quiz. Although to be fair a lot of the things in here are trivia that most people, unless you are a diehard fan of the series, won't know. Hostel is a good example. A film every horror fan has probably seen, but one that wouldn't even scratch my top 20 list. So simply, while I'm not asking you to make it more "mainstream," it should be as relevant to general horror knowledge as possible. Start easy like "What is the brand of doll that constitutes Chuckys' origin in the Childs Play series," and gradually get more complex from there. Not to mention the penalty is a little taxing. What ever happened to three strikes your out?

It's called "I spit on your grave" Nothin to do with piss so the answer should be false.

A nice horror quiz.I nailed the video game section and in general the whole game was quite a breeze.I demand to see more and better work next time!!!!!!!Or else I'll lock you inside your room and force you to enter a hole...........(That didn't sound right,but I hope you get the referrence)........

funny quiz, good questions but a screamer that piss off rather than scare.

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Oct 15, 2006
4:25 AM EDT
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