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the flash version of a common riddle with triangles, i did put my work in it, but i didn't make an ending for it...
I spent most of the time making the intro :D ^^



I am all for animated logos of a production company and authors and stuff, but when the game takes less time to solve then the logo - it is kind of weird. I found the game quite easy and I don't really see any sort of difficulity it in. I think there is a underlying idea to this, having a puzzle and you needing so solve it. Maybe in future work you could have the addition of a timer or have mulitple puzzles and different rounds.


How I get to the end?

I found the solution, but how I get to the end? Nothing to press????

Stop With The Blamming!

You guys are mean to newcomers aren't you? I thought this was great for a first submition. I personally couldn't figure this out straight away but I managed to do it in the end. And just because people can't do this right away doesn't mean their automatically stupid.

Nice flash btw. 7 out of 10 :)

I've done this riddle before

But this interactive version was quite good.

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The Riddler is back in action!

I really like the game (as far as it IS a game).
After a while (about half an hour), I found the solution.

Just look carefully to the shapes AND don't forget to turn on the grid.
It may come in very handy!

No, I won't say the solution!

It's a fun riddle, so have fun!

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Oct 11, 2006
2:08 PM EDT
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