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{2006} Bees and FLowers 2

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Author Comments

The final version of my new game "bees and Flowers".
Made in 5 days. Fixed all bugs and made a completely new Design.

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A very nice concept, and it's done much better than the first one as well. The controls are simple, the gameplay is smooth and the graphics are good. I like the new design. Keep it up!


Nice game

Good idea.
For future reference, be sure to mention the controls being used in the game. I could not find the controls in the menu. So I assumed that is was the arrow keys.

Also, my computer was unnaturally slow playing this game. I switched to the lowest quality and was still slow. I only say this if any other players mention this. Maybe the weather is harming my connection or something. I don't know...

Some fun things to add to the game could be a "boost" to go upward and a "dive" to go downward. It could add more texture to the game. Or think of something that is uniquely "butterfly."
Off the top of my head, you can have a "pollen" meter while collecting flowers; and when the meter fills up, you can do special abilities.

I hope I've been helpful. As I said before, I could not completely enjoy the game, but I still liked the idea of a butterfly with rockets for wings. ^^

It's better than the first.

For sure...
You added sounds and a quality button...
I hope for you it wont get blammed.


der-Wahnsinn responds:

thank you for the review.

The control has improved

I feel the control seems a bit more manuverable. I also like the fact I am not waiting as long for flowers to pop in.

I have liked this concept since the beginning. I am in hopes to work on my own bee short soon too. Its not a game but I am proud that you are working so hard to make this better.

der-Wahnsinn responds:

yeah, that were some of the things i changed.

thanks for the review.

What a lovely game!

Indeed it is a very nice and and playfull game... I think your imagination is very good!

The music gives you a 'Alice in Wonderland' feeling, Which by the way is very good!
The only problem is that I think it get's a little repetative (I have no Idea how you spell this!)...

Keep it up!
The Sunk

der-Wahnsinn responds:

thank you very much for this review.