Black Ops:Korean Conflict

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Black Ops: Korean Conflict is the first in a series of action adventure games, based on a real-world scenario.

With North Korea blatantly conducting a nuclear test inspite of stern warnings from the US, Japan, South Korea and China, the threat of a full blown offensive to disarm Pyongyang grows.

In this action packed game, you play a black-ops special forces ninja operative that has been assigned by an unknown government to deal with North Korea's threat of further developing its controversial weapons of mass destruction programme, a move that could lead to a larger conflict in the far-east and spark of World War III. Use stealth and guise to eliminate highly trained North Korean guards and complete key missions to destroy their nuclear capability.

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honestly this game should have add more stealth elements
if you play half way through you just press space and wiping out them with gun so you just don't care about knife mostly

there's some bug issue too (crouching on wall screen stuck... etc)
but i thought this game has possiblity

If you could restart in the same section without having to restart the whole level. I would have played it longer

Classic, yet not so fresh

I Remember playing this game when i was little, i used to ragequit a lot, now that i can see some of the mistakes of the game and review wisely right now, This is a classic indeed, yet not so fresh of a classic, Graphics are dated (duh) yet for what it is, it has a lot of pixelated background and some repetitive skins like the korean enemies, sound is okay for what it has to offer, even if the alert background sound loops itself and gets a bit annoying, the Gameplay is quite harsh, Heck, you can die in the tutorial, not only it is hard when you get busted and enemies shoot you everywhere in a non-stop way, but the stages themselves have no checkpoints, and since these stages are pretty long (like 5/6 loading screens counted each stage) and you loose all your ammo as much as it is kind of stressing to stealth, i can see why i stopped playing when i was little.

Sprinting is really slow, not much than walking but its still kind of annoying, specially when all you do is sprint through lonely sections, shooting is okay, your zoom action is pretty limited for a zoom and once enemies detect you (you can know it by the music) they sometimes run around and everyone else doesn't notice, but since these enemies shoot so fast everyone else notices and also runs to shoot with them >:(

Climbing into things is wierd, sometimes you hang well or you could get a fall that damages your health and forces you to find a health pack unless you die and restart the whole thing again, and the hanging meter is a nice detail but honestly you could skip it by jumping all over the area while holding on, so why NOT adding it in first place? Also, the c4s are usually useless (except for stage 2), there aren't gonna be enemies reagrouped in an area and the bombs take a lot to explode, and when they do, their damage ratio is small.

Also, the Stage 3's level has a maze with a lot of enemies that are impossible to kill unless you have a weaponry, and redirects you to the ground when you're trying to rise in the apartments to make you go all over again upstairs for anything you left there.

*sigh* well, i can't deny it is a time killer, not a memorable classic or anything 5 stars worthy but it is kinda good as a time killer, it has its flaws though, be careful around the difficulty.

thisgame is really fun but ive been stuck on the second leveal for like 2 years


i died on the traning level,hahaha

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3.43 / 5.00

Oct 9, 2006
8:27 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other