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Cap'n Zappy

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Controls: Arrow Keys to Fire

Thanks for the Daily 2nd and FrontPage =D

One fine Hallow's Eve, Cap'n Zappy was reapin' the bounty of his night's ToTing, when suddenly, his four mostly-identical girlfriends are kidnapped by the fiendish Springed Spooks.
Will Cap'n Zappy be able to stop the spooks and save his girlfriends?

Nope, cos you just play until you run out of lives. XD

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I didn't even remember you making a game. That being said, I don't think you're that great at all. This game is still playable, though. I like to see all the good animation and drawings you are known for. It is a pretty original idea. I like the springy sounds.

I guess it would just be too easy to have enemy after enemy. Boy, do I lose points for shooting the princesses. I'm kind of curious as to how people on springs could hurt you. Of course, that gun is probably fake. Glad I reviewed this in October.


That game is pure fun ^_^

Great Game!

I loved playing it and it was good fun, too!

P.S. I don't mean to be a show-off but I think my score was 22600, also you get a 1-UP every 10000 points.
Just to let you know.

Thank you for making this game!

Hell's yeah!!

Apparently I make pretty good menu musik. My song is in 2 games and both have my song for the menu. Heh, I guess I suck so bad I'm good!


i also noticed the background song which is from kingdomhearts in halloween town when the heartless appers ( and yes i did play kingdom hearts and it rules. ok i like playing video games god ) so.. yeah this was good