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Play some clean and simple pong against a computer, or a friend! Work up a highscore and submit it!

I made a simple pong game for a friend who wanted to know how to do it...then I kept adding to it! If there's enough response..I might make another one, but I honestly can't be bothered right now.

Hope you enjoy! ;)


ah a classic pong game i actually like

its pretty easy tho just make a dificulty setting but still very fun good job! (how long did it take to make my guess is abut umm 2 months)

the easiness over

Just a quick review. Just played for a minute.

+++ Clean menu - crisp minimalist lines/font/colours

-- Menu taking time to scroll in irritated me.

+++ Particle effects look great.

++ Curving the ball is a nice touch.

-- Being able to curve and reverse x-direction seems silly.

---- I found that I was scoring goals from a serve far too easily. I'd have liked maybe a difficulty button to start it off at a higher difficulty and make the speed of the enemy paddle go up faster. If it increased in difficulty faster, I'd actually feel it was worth playing. As it is, it looks like we need to go through too much grind before being challenged.

--- Limited tactics and little variation.

-- Loads of Pong games around.

The presentation seemed great, but I was put off by the easiness over the first 480 points or so.

good game

great game, best pong i have ever had the privelige to have found! i like the curving idea but it can be curved a little too much (own goals, oops!)


Best pong game EVER.
Had fun playing this.
Great job.

TastyLamp responds:

Marvelous! I'm glad you enjoyed it.


Good things:

The music was alright and the sounds worked in sync well.
The menus looked cool.
The ball curved.

Bad things:

There are 900,000,000 pong games.
The sounds are too quiet for the music.
The game takes too long to load just for pong.


Meh. Any game is good for atleast 15 seconds.

TastyLamp responds:

Ooo. The lowest review score yet. :(

Sorry you didn't like it.

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3.62 / 5.00

Oct 4, 2006
6:40 AM EDT
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