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controls are similar to asteroids. enjoy!
also, i just remembered to add this: i had a shit load of help with the action script from dfox2, thanks bud.

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its a good game.. but the boundary could be a solid one,my character was lost in a corner and was dificult to control when it went through the borders repeatedly. the sound is good, gameplay is straightforward. other than the boundary, its a pretty good game. it doesnt diserve the front, but it shouldnt get blammed, if it already passed when i submited this, congrats.

Cool game, but kinda simple

Theres a lot you could improve on, like you could add animation when you hit the starry thing or add some sounds when you get the plankton. also its too easy and could be a lot better if level based (lvl1, lvl2). There is a glitch where it doesn't reset your score when you play again either. overall i think this game could go a lot further if more work was put into it. i hope you expand upon it and it will make a great game.

vectors but don't think

+++ Loved the design of the characters. Cute. Specially like the plankton.

+++ Cool tune.

---- Little or no variation as game progresses.

------- Our score isn't reset to 0 when we start a new game - we start with the score we finished.

--- No reason to bump into the starry thing unless it's right on a plankton.

++ Simple to understand gameplay.

Enjoyed seeing the vectors but don't think it's really worth any extended playtime.

Maybe you could have starry things sorta scroll left to right, with various movements... starting off, they could move in a straight line, then drifting in one direction, then moving up and down, homing in on you at the y-direction, maybe changing size...

and the plankton should probably be on the left half then.

Anyway, hope you take this further. The cool characters, even if 'inspired' by Electroplankton, should be used again.

DeInfierno responds:

im planing on adding new badies and some alternate gameplay, but im not great with actionscript.

to hard to cntrol

using only the arrow keys i found this hard to use it was not very easy to control nice bright backgrounds

Too Easy...

The game was just too easy. Maybe add more Luminarias? The music was sweet, though.


DeInfierno responds:

im thinking about adding anouther bid guy, that fish one.. we'll see.

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3.00 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2006
6:17 PM EDT
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