LePussé in Paris

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**Please add to Puzzles Collection!!**

Monsters have invaded Paris! It is up to you LePussé to destroy them and bring peace to Paris once again!

Click on the "LeMap" logo to unlock all levels or press "I" while playing to skip levels, make sure you play the eiffel tower level it is in 3D!

My Fifth game, each level is a puzzle you must solve in order to advance.

Original LePussé game can be found here:

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Awesome Game

Great game mate,
Graphics are very well done especially as it seems that you did some of them on a boat(lol :) ).

Keep up the good work

Peturo responds:

cheers, was a city cat :p

make another one

and this time give him a sidekick who is a crab

Peturo responds:

Ha no, crabs are enemies of cats. BTW awesome job with the SFX really came through in the end.


Great Game man!!!!! i got Rank A in all levels!!!!!!and now i´m the first in the rank (that isn´t so hard to get because it´s only me and you there....),but ok,the game was hyper mega super ultra plus advanced!

Peturo responds:

Ahh thankyou! You still are up there, i am glad there are still some clever people out there who can figure out this game :D
cheers on the bug report too ill fix it soon as i can!


wow that was sick..great game dude. it sorta reminded me of the sly games, like having the main character an animal, the paris setting. it was cool. man thats gonna get front page, i can feel it. the cats walking animation was kinda weird tho, other than that is was a great game.

Peturo responds:

Cheers Mate! ha yeah i am not much for animation :p although I did make the walk cycle using my laptop touchpad on a boat so it was kinda difficult drawing it and as i kept making the game it became impossible to change how LePusse walks.. oh well next time ill have better planning

HA anyway he is a cat on 2 legs how else should a cat walking look like??

probably won't be

+++ Great gfx. Love the simple retro graphics style.

++ amusing story.

---- In the first level, though a nice introduction for movement and controls, it takes too long for what amounts to only slog.
I'd prefer it if there were fewer pieces to collect or if the LePusse ran faster.

----- In the louvre, I couldn't get the TNT to blow. I went to the switches, flicked them to the right, then went back and it still wouldn't blow. I went to the left to see if I'd missed anything. Went to the right and I now couldn't move past the first switch. Tried TNT again. No result.

-- I'd prefer it if we could vary the jumps.

+++ Great music. Though just short loops, they fit the mood well and and fairly crisp.

I gave up after the problem in level 2 and probably won't be returning.

The gfx are super but this has some issues to be sorted I feel.

Peturo responds:

oh its a shame you couldnt make it past level 2, i have the Cheats in there if you would like to see the rest of the game. I think it is unfair to review a game when you have not seen the whole thing. there is not a bug with the TNT though i have checked, you have to HOLD DOWN "D" at the piller... flicking the switches opens the door,

It is a Action/Puzzle/Adventure game so its understandable that you might run into some troubles trying to figure out what to do..

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3.39 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2006
10:45 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle