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Now with bigger text!

Do you think you can do a better job than Blizzard at keeping the World of Warcraft servers up? This is your chance. Choose between 3 difficulties and save the day of the WoW players.
Update: Now with bigger menu text

From the creators of Flatout and Bump Copter 2 this is, TechTeam.
Thanks to Amoeboy for the music.

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yay for the hamsters!


I love that the WoW servers are ran by hamsters! Classic!

Meh... definatly seen better.

How can i put this..... it wasnt very good. As i am sure many people have said, it is so boring, i would rather not play the game. It looks nice, but yeah, it is DULL!!!!ONE!!!!!@1!2!11zomg!3W2@]

That is all.

cool one

it was an alright game, very repetitive though.. even in the harder settings, but at least with the difficulties, it became more of a challenge though, making it more enjoyable.

After working it out

Played 'weekday' mode. Worked out gameplay. Quit. Read instructions to double check. Played 'patchday' mode. Got 165ish. Played again, giving up after around 300 as I'd gotten bored and I wasn't losing. (All were on green.)

++ 'industrial' sounding bgm. fits theme.

+++ cool server design.

--- Too repetitive with no new strategies needing to be used.
Maybe if - for example - you had lines slowly shooting up the wires and each time a line hit a hamster it lost energy, we'd feel like we had more info to work out a more interesting strategy. Later on, you could have occasional lines of other colours, every so many beats. They'd maybe take off 40HP and we'd kinda have to prepare for them.

Anyway, I think a bit more depth was needed. After working it out, it went on too long without offering any surprises, any interesting variation or any real potential for strategies to develop.