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Cartoon Arena Opening

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The fixed opening version:vote high until the interative game is complete...

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You submitted the same exact thing twice in a row.

Trying to get somethin gthrough the portal is something that a lot of artists work hard at to submit the same thing twice in a row is not just annoying, its almost cheating in a way, yeah , there's no rule against it, and it's been done many times, but why not just wait for the first one to pass, because in the end, it did.


Hey you said you where gonne make a game not movie


2 of the same. yeah, ill vote high. if you give us the stuff.

btw, it amused me to write this, and that is where you got the humor 1.

That was the same as before.

You said you'd fixed it, what are you supposed to have fixed? The only thing I can think of that you could have had to have fixed from the last one is the sound, but there still wasn't any, the spelling mistakes, but they still existed, the parts of two people's profiles being offscreen, but they were still off-screen and it being hard to read Thrash's profile due to the green but again that was still there. this was exactly the same, I don't see why you ahd to pretend you'd chanegd anything. Submitting this the first time was bad enough, but twice, that was something you really shouldn't have done.

As this is exactly the same as Cartoon Arena Opening seq, here's my review for that, as it still stands as it's the exact same movie.

Okay this time you had more than just text and pictures, you had animation going on, but still nothing happened you just showed the caharcters and had a profile for them to read, I guess this showed you more of what the game's going to be about but it still wasn't worth submitting, you should have had sound in this though. You couldn't even read all of the profiles, with two of them aprt of the text was off screen and with Thrash, because he was green and the text was green, it made it difficult to read.

Please don't submit things like this, there's just no point, they're just basically absolutely nothing at all.

Also please don't submit the same submission twice, especially when you shouldn't have submitted it before, doing what you've done with this series(if you can call it that) just takes the piss and there was no point in you submitting any of them, you really shouldn't have done it.

Peace Out, Afro Stud



..in!, Well if it isnt a great classic!, Awesome for the time and good effort!

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2000
3:59 PM EDT