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Dodge X2 but with;
3 difficulty settings,
and powerups.


audio- Django, by Rancid
Suspect Device, Stiff Little Fingers

EDIT: you can now play dodge x3 with online highscores if you sign up to the fh forum.

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not bad, i played for bout.. as long as it takes to go through each song twice good music dude. rancid fan here

i have some advice..

you should have a button to turn off the shitty music

TDxiii responds:

And you should get a lfie and listen to some real music.

A great game!

Hey, I really like this game. I just have a question, what music did you use? It was really good.

TDxiii responds:

It was in the credits,
Django, by Rancid
Suspect Device, by Stiff Little Fingers

Nice game!

I liked this pretty much! A simple avoiding game!

The graphics were pretty simple, but effective! Maybe you could have added some background effects...and you know...that sort of stuff. It's not bad anyway.
The music, although it's good...gets tiring after a while...maybe adding some more songs...well, next time maybe?

The interactivity is pretty good. Simple to use, the difficulty is well done. The easy mode is extremely easy, and difficult...well, not impossible, but it's fairly difficult.

Overall, an entretaining game! Good job! :D

TDxiii responds:

Thanks ^.^

hmm, could use improvement

1. Use hitTests, not on rollOver
2. Graphics
3. I used a game like this in my minigames
4. well, it didn't suck
5. Make it original
6. How can you make 3 games of this?

i gave it a 2
but keep making games, i found this entertaining

TDxiii responds:

1) I did
2) How many differant ways are there to draw a square?
3) oh really? cool.
4) thanks.
5) kk
6) by adding more stuff each time.

Credits & Info

4.20 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2006
1:34 PM EDT
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