Super Fishy (SE)

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That was very enjoyable.

Pros -
Good art style
Good music
Game play is simple yet fun

Cons -
No sound effects for when you eat
Not much to the game

Overall this was fun, good job!

This game is really creative! I like how you put the "mario fishy" into the game. It is easy, but that is a good thing, because it keeps you playing the game!

Slightly better

Some kind of feedback when you eat a fish would be nice. A sound, an animation. Anything. And in the end of the game, its just really luck if you survive or not, since you never know where the big fish will be coming from. If you grew slower, the other fish would never had to grow bigger. In the end of the game, it's not really a game anymore. It's "lets guess if certain doom comes from below or above". And the blocky hitboxes were hard to deal with as well. Still far better than robofish. But at least robofish explained the wierd dull movements your fish makes in the water.

Plus, after a while, the music went away and never came back. Why?

It's ok

Still too easy tho.


It was a pretty good game. Should have a little more... different kinds of fish, music, ect.

nice mario touch to it. (:

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3.29 / 5.00

Sep 17, 2006
11:08 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid