Ultimate Bart Simpson SB

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'Ultimate Bart Simpson SB'

Well, this is another soundboard from me! I recently made an 'Ultimate Homer Simpson SB', now I'm doing an 'Ultimate Bart Simpson SB'.

I actually made the background have Bart in it this time, and I used simpsonfont for MOST of the lettering. Also, I have to thank (not that I don't want to thank) :) the sites that I got the sounds from this soundboard from, and the sites where I got the images for this soundboard from.

Also, if you guys could submit this to the 'Soundboards' collection, that would be great. Thanks!

So, enjoy!

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Not bad

It's not your best soundboard, I have to admit, but that's always good, because otherwise people would think that you're getting full of yourself, right?

Anyway, what I see here is an above average soundboard that's got a couple of major glaring issues - the first is that the buttons don't match up completely with the size they are on the screen. It looks tidy, to the untrained eye and then you mouse over and can find the edges of the buttons to be quite out of place on most of them - it's about consistent with the edge of the text, so better luck next time.

The sound quality of some of the samples that you've taken are really lacking, which is a shame. With some of the other samples, conversely, I'd be asking you to see if you can come up with a remix of the 90's hits "Do the Bartman" or "Deep Deep Trouble". Perhaps a little more work on sampling or trawling across the internet to find what you're after. I appreciate that some of the earlier recordings weren't of the best quality, but with so many Simpsons Episodes, you'd be hard pushed not to find a crisp sounding collection.

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Frenzy responds:


~ Z

I love it!

Aye Carumba!

Frenzy responds:

Aww... Raspberries!

Thanks for the review and the 10!

~ Z

another good soundboard

The thing I noticed the most is you added Bart's most famous funny lines. It would have been nice to see more of the lesser known funny ones as well. I always felt Bart was the star of the show and the best lines went to him.
Again, as the last sound board, you only had one picture but it was a good one. Did you draw that or is it a print?
Well, the coding is solid as all the buttons work and features like "stop all sounds" is a great touch. This one has a nice music file. I like that.

Welp, thats about all I can think of so kudos and a good job on a great soundboard of one of my favorite characters :)

Frenzy responds:


~ Z

This was a good soundboard.

__The Good__
The picture of Bart was great! Looked really nice up there. The clips that were put on here were very good quality. I could use this in a prank phone call with ease. The clips you used were also pretty funny.

__The Bad__
Bart has so many great phrases, you could of stuffed a lot more of them in this soundboard.

__Over All__
A nice soundboard of a great Simpson's character. Nice work on this, keep up the good work!

Frenzy responds:



Fact: This flash was my first to get over 15,000 views!


This was notbad at all, i like the very large bart simpson, a little suggestion would be to make the "PINK" box a button aswells o its easier for the button to be located, also some little clips of the simpsons would have been nice, nice quality sounds on this soundboard, its a decent soundboard.

Some improved buttons.

Another simpsons soundboard this one with some good quality to it.


Frenzy responds:

Again, thanks for the review and advice!


P.S. Arre you in a competition with KWAS for response or sometihng?

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Sep 16, 2006
1:46 PM EDT
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