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Movement: Arrowkeys
Right Hand: A
Left Hand: S
Special Attack: Down-Key
Jump: Up-Key
Climb/Interaction: D
Inventory: F
Stats: G (Make sure to level up your character here!)

A catchy roleplaying game with 4 different characters and lots of items to hit enemies in the face.

A game by exotworking.com

Note: there are some bugs in the game I can't fix, but normally those bugs only occure very unfrequent (I guess). First bug: The alchemist can only shoot to the left (solution: don't pick the alchemist^^). Second bug: Flying up into the skyyyy when leaving a cave or teleporting (solution: commit suicide (ENTER-Key) or jump and wait some seconds). Hope those bugs won't ruin your game experience..

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Spinhack=hold <+>+Attack=More damage xd
Deadhack=hold >(or <)+Attack
Good game, good story,adventure quests, but it's a pity that there are not enough monsters of weak levels, money too!

I enjoy this game, but I'm confused. How do you continue a game without deleting the progress?

exotworking responds:

Sadly, there is no save feature :/

I remember attempting this more then a decade ago - now I came to finish this.

It's rather fun but unbalanced.

Warrior > Traitor > Jester > Alchemist.

Make sure to choose shield at start of game if you play as warrior, won't get it otherwise, you already have it as traitor. Shield helps against ranged enemies . Ranged classes suck because they have no shield.

Both melee classes are decent but warrior has better stats. Ranged classes suck because they run out of mana fast and cannot block. Alchemist is worst because it is bugged.

You get good experience out of this game if you choose warrior and progressively worse experience if you choose a class more to the right.

I remember this game from years ago, still a fun and entertaining game, but with a tint of nostalgia too now. Though I remember winning the game pretty easily as a warrior, or was it a backstabber, anyway now I am playing as Jester and Golgol or something is pretty much unbeatable, I couldn't equip the 4 Damage flute for some reason and accidentally sold it so I am both penniless and stuck. I have a feeling that it is magic that I need but without any more money I can't buy anything.

exotworking responds:

That totally sounds like a game I coded. Thanks for playing anyway! This game is pretty old to me too.

Gotta love the Jester

exotworking responds:

he has a cameo in Lucky Tower 2