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Movement: Arrowkeys
Right Hand: A
Left Hand: S
Special Attack: Down-Key
Jump: Up-Key
Climb/Interaction: D
Inventory: F
Stats: G (Make sure to level up your character here!)

A catchy roleplaying game with 4 different characters and lots of items to hit enemies in the face.

A game by exotworking.com

Note: there are some bugs in the game I can't fix, but normally those bugs only occure very unfrequent (I guess). First bug: The alchemist can only shoot to the left (solution: don't pick the alchemist^^). Second bug: Flying up into the skyyyy when leaving a cave or teleporting (solution: commit suicide (ENTER-Key) or jump and wait some seconds). Hope those bugs won't ruin your game experience..


biggest bs ever you cant climb if you press enter you d please nerf and fix this now!

exotworking responds:

You actually climb with the 'D'-Key.

I remember this game from years ago, still a fun and entertaining game, but with a tint of nostalgia too now. Though I remember winning the game pretty easily as a warrior, or was it a backstabber, anyway now I am playing as Jester and Golgol or something is pretty much unbeatable, I couldn't equip the 4 Damage flute for some reason and accidentally sold it so I am both penniless and stuck. I have a feeling that it is magic that I need but without any more money I can't buy anything.

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exotworking responds:

That totally sounds like a game I coded. Thanks for playing anyway! This game is pretty old to me too.

Gotta love the Jester

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exotworking responds:

he has a cameo in Lucky Tower 2

Awesome RPG! You should make more of them. :)

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exotworking responds:

Thanks Kisaragiq. At the moment I'm making a very weird game. A mixture between RPG, Adventure and Tamagotchi.

I didn't understand this game at all. It took over a dozen punches just to kill one goblin. That made no sense to me. There must be something I am missing here. It can't be that difficult. I guess the graphics are...farily mediocre.

There must be weapons that I'm missing. I'm sorry, I didn't see how this was that popular at all. I guess there's nothing offensive about it, it just doesn't add up. The setting isn't too bad. Sorry, dude.

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exotworking responds:

Thanks for writing a review, Ericho. I was 16 when I made this game and I used a mouse to draw, haha. You can actually get a weapon right at the beginning when talking to a guy (choose club).

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3.86 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2006
6:00 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG