Zombie Shooter 3

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Three rounds of insane zombie shooting. Get as many points as you can by hitting arms, torsos and heads.

Get enough points in each round to move onto the next.

EDIT: I've made it easier. 300 points for the first round, 400 for level 2, 430 for level 3.

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I didn't really care much for this. The part that I found to be strange was how it was just the same zombies over and over. I thought I did everything I could, but I still couldn't advance to the next level. It's not something I'm very motivated to get further in. It did have zombies, which are awesome. Good thing it's October.

One of the looks like George W. Bush. Dang, it feels so long since he was President and thank God! You could have maybe had more ways to kill them. I guess the artwork isn't that bad. I have just played much better stuff.

this is good

But... it still need some work to make it perfect....

* why cant you shoot in the legs.. ?
* more anamtion... blasting there heads of.,...
* anamated background...
* other background sound... tish one is funny... but make it more mystireous (sorry my englisch is not verry wel... becasause i'm Dutch...)

Keep it up.... and please make this one, one hell of a shooter...

Whens 4 coming out?

Good job, man. Awesome fun!

i hit every single zombie twice

and still didnt get 450. so fuck you too. 0!

i like

i love the sound and effect of the gun, its quite fun. good game! blood whould have made it better though... apart from that great job!

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4.12 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2006
12:51 AM EDT
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