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Worst Crime (Updated)

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It seemed a little better in some way, but I couldn't really tell how, in general though, I think it's not the best idea to submit the same piece twice even if it's updated, instead just replace the first version with the new one.

Why'd you submit this twice?

This was exactly the same as the original Worst Crime, you'd just changed the size of the screen. Surely you could have just updated the original instead.

Anyway as this is exactly the same as Worst Crime my review for it still stands as it's the same submission. So here it is.

It was a short funny joke, but there wasn't really much to it, perhaps there could have been a group of people saying what they were in for and the guy who downloaded off of Napster could have shocked them all by saying it, as that would have been funnier and it would have made there be that bit more to it, as this was a little on the poor side.

I take back what I said about the sound quality before, I listened again and it's fine, either my speakers were fucked the other day or you've updated your movie and improved the sound quality since reading my review

Peace Out, Afro Stud

1/5(how good this movie was)

While this movie earnt a 1/5 I shall be voting 0 as you'd already submitted this before.

Please don't submit the same submission twice and don't make up crappy reasons for doing so either.

0/5(What score I shall give this movie due to the circumstances that this was submitted on)

really i love the worst crime flash!!!

but i didnt see anything updated with this.... what is updated??? plz tell me.. cuz i dont get it........

make an worst crime 2!!! oliiz!!!! ill do anything to see an second!!!!

do me a favour and make an worst crime 2 will ya mate??????????


I Had A Good Laugh With This One......

heres a 3

to represent your 3rd world country...you commie bastard

Credits & Info

3.79 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2000
3:57 AM EDT