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Tap Keys And Try To Win The Weight-Lifting...


That was 2 easy

This game is too easy! But I noticed somthing when you go to music when your done playing it says you lose. I gave you a 5 for sound because I liked the music. Ohter than that it could've been better!


No offense or anything dude, but that kinda was not very good. All you did was like tape the left and right arrows a couple times.


This game is too poor.

Flaws and problems...

A nice attempt for a weightlifting game, I know you have put some efforts in this flash but there are some flaws in the flash that I have to point out:

When my mouse points to the text in the main menu the response is'nt great as your mouse have to aim accuratly on the text to activate the in game command.

The gameplay is rather simple, as you stated in the flash that it is extremely hard it took me no more than 10 secs to finish the game.

After the game finished and it displayed you won, the music suddenly started, it was wierd at first then I pressed the "music" button hoping it was to turn the music on and off then the menu changes into "you lose" and then music is all mixed up into chaos.

The music response was rather..delayed...

If you want to make a timer to get people ready to play the game, make it at least 5 seconds then jump straight into the game instead of "click here to start" in this way, the players won't feel put down as people expected to jump in the game straight away after the timer ends (a common design for all current and classic games)

I'm not trying to dis you for your hard, long work on this project. But to point out some flaws and problems of your project to make it even more sucessful for the appealing newgrounds community. Hope these help you for your future flash projects. Hopefully there are no more flaws in this flash to point out.

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2.24 / 5.00

Oct 2, 2001
11:03 AM EDT
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