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Ikaruga Boss 1

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Here is Boss 1 from "Ikaruga"... I may make a fuller game soon. The whole game is in Japanese because I originally made this game for a Japanese site, and I was to lazy to translate it all... I attempted to put some funny "Engrish" to give a bit of english...

HOW TO PLAY- You control a ship. The ship you have has two "polarities". A white one and a black one. If you are hit with a bullet of the same color as you, it is absorbed. If you are hit with a bullet of a diffrent color of you, you are destroyed. And Vice-Versa for you shooting the enemy. Destroy the big boss to win.

Arrow Keys- Move
X-Change Color
C-Missiles(Used when bullets are absorbed)

Warning- Please use Low Quality when playing this flash.


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This game is harder than I thought. Imaging how the real game is. I wouldn't even last a second.

This is great

I just started playing Ikaruga on DC. I was a bit confused when the boss shot the black grenades first (nearly got me) and I died more often than when I play the real game. (I die almost never usually)
I would have liked better graphical effects, but that might have done the game more harm than good.
Soundtrack of Ikaruga. What more can I say?
The whole thing felt really close to the original so I have to compliment you for this piece of work. I really loved it.

Great recreation with a few minor problems

Hey I gotta commend you on your flash abilities. This is an incredible work of art for shooters and flash alike. But there were a few problems that led to me dying (which never happens on the GC version, at least not til lvl 4). The first form of the boss doesn't move back and forth so much. I didn't even know he would go back in the original. Secondly, the grenades start white on GC, don't they? That kinda messed me up, trying to Bullet Eat the black bullets thinking they were white. But other than those two things, this is a pretty amazing contribution to Newgrounds. Congrats on making an wonderful boss fight.

bob700 responds:

Thanks. :P. Sorry for the little mishaps... Anyway, thanks for the review!

I can now attest to how awesome Ikaruga really is

...I mean, COME ON! Why was this downvoted? You did a near-perfect recreation of the first boss. Now, I have one or two problems with sound and slowdown when the quality is turned up, but MAN!
The internet is the only place left for the shmup to go, and with fans like you around, it'll be a comfortable home for sure.

bob700 responds:

<.<... I wish I could answer... But hey, the internet is cruel...

My record time is around 64 seconds left.

This game (demo) is absolutely perfect.
I cannot find anything negative to say about it.

Why the hell does this have a score below 4, or at the very least 3,5?

I await the (full) game.

bob700 responds:

Don't ask me! Ask the players. But, thanks for the review!