World of Words 2

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This is a chat room (with games). Adult humor and themes are not forbidden, but we do not tolerate perverse and excessive inappropriate behavior. Swearing is not a punishable offense, but since swearing is often harassment, you may be warned, kicked or banned on those grounds. Please keep in mind that most people are underage, and we call the police for distribution of sexually explicit material to minors.

If you look in the LOCATIONS menu, then look under PUBLIC, you can find these things:

Multi-channel chat, Chess, Go, Checkers, Reversi, Chinese Checkers, Tic Tac Toe, Simon Says, Snake, Cursor Dodge, multiuser grafitti/drawing board, Connect 4, Phutball, puzzles, comics, plus a handful of animated social actions and seven full-time radio stations -- Plus anything I've added since I wrote this.

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What is there really to say about this? It was the catalyst for my childhood, just like a majority of everything else on NG. Of course I had forgotten my original account name, and coupling with a forgotten email some years ago, there's no chance of getting it back.

It breaks my heart seeing WoW2 in such a state. It's...like a time capsule. Preserved, yet entirely dead all at the same time. So many good memories on here, and I'm struggling just to remember them. I can only hope the friends I've made on here are living good lives, making it by and being happy. If by chance you see this, it's Zalgo. I'm still kicking (surprisingly).

boring 2 stars casue nobodys on

Man I used to play this all the time when I was younger no clue what my user name was back then

Gimme a react if you guys still check on here occasionally. I do sometimes but nobody is ever on

There were good times and bad times. One of the best times was the friends I made after I nuked the universe.
Chatter, if you happen to see this, it's Sora. Message me on here you coward so I can get your Discord.

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Sep 2, 2006
7:48 PM EDT
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